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Welcome back to THE ONE AND ONLY official LA's BackStage Pass site!  This page is being maintained in order to support THE BEST area bands, venues, and events!  

Click on SHOW YOUR LOVE to see a growing list of some of the BEST bands in the northeast!  Click on MUST SEE LIVE to see when and where! 

See you out there!

- JL


So, now, I would like to “clear the air”…

Unfortunately, the LA’s Backstage Pass that so many of you have supported over the past eight years is no longer. I want to thank all the fans and many friends made along the way. It was an awesome ride, but everything has an expiration date. I have chosen to leave a very toxic environment. I will miss so much of it. No personal attacks. No false narratives created here to support my beliefs.  It’s over, that’s all. Beware of copycats using our old stage set and "similar" name.


Thank you all so very much. I will see you again….



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